Elite K-9 Detection

Helping with Drug-Free Schools

Schools that have a problem with drug use often experience negative consequences such as increased crime rates, reduced student performance, and additional costs in terms of resources. To combat this issue, having a well-trained drug detection dog on campus can be a powerful deterrent against the possession and distribution of illegal substances by students and staff.

Our organization, Elite K9 Detection, specializes in providing drug sweeps for schools. We can offer a one-time search or establish a recurring program to ensure a safe learning environment for everyone. Our K9 team will collaborate with school administrators to develop a plan for searching various areas including classrooms, desks, restrooms, locker rooms, lockers, gymnasiums, auditoriums, administrative offices, staff breakrooms, parking lots, vehicles, sports fields, and stadium seating.

Drug Detection Dog for Schools
What to Expect


Before conducting searches on school campuses, we coordinate with administrators to devise an action plan. This includes determining the most suitable time for our arrival, discussing appropriate attire for our handlers (which can include uniforms denoting their role as part of a K9 team), and deciding whether or not to notify students about the search. It is generally recommended to follow school policy regarding searches and keep the search times undisclosed.

The Search

During the search, our handler will be accompanied by a school representative, and if there are multiple K9 teams involved, an observer will be provided for each team. The handler will lead the dog through the designated areas while paying attention to subtle indications of trained behavior. Any areas where the dog displays signs of detecting drugs will be marked for later inspection. Upon completion of the search, the handler can provide general guidance to the school representative on how and where to further investigate, if necessary.

If Found

If substances are found during the search and there is doubt about their nature, we can utilize field test kits to confirm whether they are illegal narcotics. Should narcotics be discovered, it is the responsibility of the principal or school administrator to dispose of them, as our personnel are strictly prohibited from handling or removing any narcotics. We can offer recommendations for proper disposal. Upon request, we can provide a written report within three business days of the search. Please note, that there is an additional fee for a report, as well as for drug identification confirmation. 

We are dedicated to maintaining a safe and drug-free environment in schools, and our services aim to support administrators in achieving this goal. Please let us know if you have any further questions, like to setup a consult, or schedule a drug sweep for your school.

Let us help you in the fight for a drug-free environment.