Elite K-9 Detection

Keeping a Safer Work Environment

Illegal drug use can have significant negative impacts on a company, including decreased employee performance, increased absenteeism, higher medical costs, and potential theft. It can also damage a company’s reputation and customer perceptions. However, EK9D offers an effective solution to address these concerns.

EK9D conducts discreet drug searches for businesses, ensuring confidentiality and avoiding involvement with law enforcement or government agencies. By choosing EK9D, you can save time and money in recovering from the consequences of drug-related issues within your company.

We offer both one-time drug sweeps and customized ongoing programs to establish and maintain a drug-free workplace. In the event that contraband is detected during the search, our handler-dog team will identify the specific location. It is then up to your management team to handle the findings according to your company’s policy.

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What to Expect for a Commercial Search

Before our arrival at your business, we will contact you to discuss the following details and plan accordingly:

The Search

During the search, it is necessary for your representative to accompany the K9 team throughout the process. If multiple K9 teams are involved, an observer should be provided for each team. The handler will lead the dog through each room in a designated pattern, paying attention to subtle signs indicating the presence of narcotics. Areas of indication will be marked by the handler for further investigation once the search is complete. If requested, the handler can also observe the search for narcotics conducted by the company representative, providing general guidance.

If Found

If suspicious substances are found and there is doubt regarding their nature, EK9D can use a field test kit to confirm whether they are illegal narcotics. In the event that narcotics are discovered, it is the responsibility of the Business Owner or Manager to dispose of them, following our recommendations. If desired, we can provide a written report within three business days of the search. Please note, that there is an additional fee for a report, as well as for drug identification confirmation. 

Our comprehensive search covers various areas within your facility, including employee lockers, offices, desks, cubicles, breakrooms, restrooms, warehouses, parking lots, vehicles, and the surrounding grounds.

EK9D is committed to helping businesses maintain a drug-free environment and protect their reputation, productivity, and overall success.

Let us help you in the fight for a drug-free environment.